In this section you will find documents relating to child protection, education, foster care, inspection, the media, residential care, secure care and youth justice.


click here pdf Children in Care Forty-fourth Report of Session 2014-15, House of Commons Public Accounts Committee, 11 March 2015


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HOC PAC 15 Children in Care 11 Mar 15.pdf

This report accuses the Department for Education of ‘an alarming reluctance’ to work with local authorities to improve services for children in care. It concluded that the ministry had ultimate responsibility for overseeing services for children in care but was not playing an active role in improving services and securing a better future for this vulnerable group. The PAC said the DfE effectively limited its work in the sector to passing legislation and publishing guidance. However, this approach failed to understand that responsibility to act to achieve better for children in care should be shared, the report stated.

programma operazioni binarie borsa demo pdf Children in care: Oral Evidence Public Accounts Committee, House of Commons,12 January 2015


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HOC 15 PAC oral evidence Children in care 12 Jan 15.pdf

Evidence presented by Care Leavers' Association, Barnardo's and the Association of Directors of Children's Service. pdf Children in care: Research priorities and questions, Department for Education, March 2014


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DfE 14 Children in care Research priorities and questions MAR 14.pdf

This paper is one of a number of research priority and question papers which outlines the current policy direction for children in care; summarises the evidence base and sets out what the department thinks the priority research questions are.

blind dating bg subs pdf Children's social care questionnaires 2015: what adults told us, Ofsted, 2015


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OFS 15 Children's social care questionnaire ADULTS 2015.pdf

This slide deck sets out what adults told Ofsted about children’s homes, fostering services and adoption services. The six common themes for improvement were communication and influence; environment and facilities in a children’s home; recruitment and retention of staff and recruitment of foster carers and adopters; training for professionals, foster carers and adopters activities for children and young people, and provision of support for children and young people, foster carers and adopters.

pdf Consultation on looked-after children: improving permanence Government response, Department for Education, October 2014


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DfE 14 Consultation on LAC improving permanence Govn response OCT 14.pdf

This consultation sought views on proposals to strengthen the team around the child; improve the status, security and stability of long-term foster care; and strengthen the requirements for returning children home from care.

How To Get Viagra Prescription in Elizabeth New Jersey pdf CONTACT | Beyond contact: Work with families of children placed away from home in four European countries ABSTRACT, Janet Boddy et al, 2013


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UoS 13 Beyond Contact ABSTRACT 2013.pdf

This abstract details a cross-national analysis of how four different European countries work with the families of looked after children after they have been taken into care.  It examined both the theory and the practice in England, Denmark, the Netherlands and France.

follow url pdf CONTACT | Birth Family Contact for Children in Care: How Much? How Often? Who With? ABSTRACT, Nicola Atwool, April 2013


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UoO 13 Birth Family Contact for children in care APR 13.pdf

This abstract provides details of an article which reviews the literature and details the views of children and young people in care, foster parents and social work practitioners on contact with birth families.

pdf CONTACT | Brothers and Sisters, A National Voice


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ANV ND ABSTRACT Brothers and sisters.pdf

This abstract provides details of a report on young people's experiences of contact with their siblings, both birth and foster sibling contact.


enter document CONTACT | Call for views on contact arrangements consultation response ABSTRACT, Coram, AUGUST 2012

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COR 14 Call for views on contact arrangements consultation response ABSTRACT AUG 12.docx

This abstract provides details of Coram's response to the Department for Education's consultation on contact arrangements for children in care.

dating frauen rumänien pdf CONTACT | Keeping in touch, Children's Rights Director for England, 2009


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CRD 09 Keeping in touch 2009.pdf

This report gives the views of children and young people in care about keeping in touch – and losing touch – with their birth families, friends and other people important in their lives. pdf CONTACT | Keeping in touch, OFSTED, December 09

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OFS 09 Keeping in touch DEC 09.pdf

The Children's Rights Director for England asked 370 children in care, through a survey and discussion groups, for their views about keeping in touch – and losing contact – with their families and friends while in care.

club rencontre 70 pdf CONTACT | Mobile phones and contact arrangements for children living in care, Project summary


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RES-ROB Mobile phones and contact arrangements for children living in care.pdf

pdf CONTACT | The Parent-Child Relationship when Parents' Contact with their Children is Supervised THESIS, Daniel Borg, May 2012


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UoEA 12 The parent child relationship THESIS D Borg MAY 12.pdf

This study focuses on the personal experiences and perceptions of non-custodial parents’ relationship with their children where the only contact is supervised. It explores the subjective experience, meanings and processes that non-custodial parents construct when faced with these circumstances.  The study serves to highlight those areas where improvement in supervision services is recommended for a better relationship between the parent and the child to be fostered.

pdf CORPORATE PARENTING | Applying corporate parenting principles to looked after children and care leavers, Department for Education, February 2018


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DfE 18 Applying_corporate_parenting_principles_to_looked-after_children_and_care_leavers FEB 18.pdf

This statutory guidance is about the role of local authorities and the application of corporate parenting principles as set out in section 1 of the Children and Social Work Act 2017. Local authorities must have regard to the seven needs identified in the Act when exercising their functions in relation to looked-after children and care leavers (relevant children and former relevant children). It should be read and applied alongside the Children Act 1989 Guidance and Regulations Volume 2: care planning, placement and case review and The Children Act 1989 Guidance and Regulations Volume 3: planning transition to adulthood for care leavers.

document CORPORATE PARENTING | Can the state be a good parent? Making the Difference for Looked After Children and Care Leavers ABSTRACT, National Leaving Care Advisory Service, September 2006


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NLCAS 06 Can the state be a good parent ABSTRACT SEP 06.docx

This abstract details a report based on the What Makes The Difference project and outlines the progress and challenges ahead for corporate parenting.

document CORPORATE PARENTING | Corporate Parenting for young people in care: Making the difference? ABSTRACT, NCAS, 2015


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NCAS 15 Corporate Parenting for YPIC Making the difference ABSTRACT 2015.docx

This abstract provides details of a peer research study which examined whether corporate parenting is making a difference in 12 local authorities.

pdf CORPORATE PARENTING | Financial capability and looked after children: The role of corporate parents, Department for Education, 2012

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DfE 12 Financial capability and looked after children The role of corporate parents.pdf

This document is designed to help those with corporate parenting responsibilities promote financial capability of the children and young people in their care. It provides guidance for local authorities in England, Scotland and Wales and Health and Social Care Trusts in Northern Ireland.

pdf CORPORATE PARENTING | Getting it right for looked after children and young people: Early engagement, early permanence and improving the quality of care, Scottish Government, November 2015

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SCOGOV 15 Getting it right NOV 15.pdf

The new Scottish Government's strategy for Looked After Children and Young People which sets out what they are doing and what they expect other corporate parents to do.

pdf CORPORATE PARENTING | Having corporate parents, Children's Rights Director, 2011


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CRD 11 Having corporate parents 2011.pdf

This report sets out what children and young people in care say about some of the things that those in care experience because the council is acting as their parent. These included having different professionals making decisions about the child's life and where they will live, and moving from one placement to another.

pdf CORPORATE PARENTING | If this were my child....A councillor's guide to being a good corporate parent to children in care and care leavers, Welsh Assembly Government, June 2009


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WA 09 A councillor's guide to being a good corporate parent JUNE 2009.pdf

This guidance provides all local authority Councillors, and specifically lead members for Children, with the necessary information and guidance to be effective corporate parents.  It is jointly issued by the Welsh Assembly Government and the Welsh Local Government Association.