In this section you will find documents relating to child protection, education, foster care, inspection, the media, residential care, secure care and youth justice.


click here pdf CORPORATE PARENTING | National Corporate Parenting Training Programme Evaluation, Scottish Government, 2013


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SCOGOV 13 National Corporate Parenting Training Programme evaluation 2013.pdf

Since 2010 the Scottish Government (SG) has been funding Who Cares? Scotland to develop and deliver a national corporate parenting training programme. This training course is due to complete in March 2013 and there is the potential for a second phase of the programme. The SG commissioned this independent evaluation of the National Corporate Parenting Training Programme, with a focus on the impact of the programme to

programma operazioni binarie borsa demo pdf CORPORATE PARENTING | Young people's guide to good corporate parents, Children's Rights Director, 2012


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CRD 12 Young Peoples Guide to Good Corporate Parents 2012.pdf

This guide explains what councils should be doing to be good 'corporate parents' to those they look after.  In particular it explains in detail the local authority's obligations around stability;choice; planning; a positive care culture; listening to children; ensuring safe care; children's rights; discrimination; supporting care leavers and ambition. pdf EDGE OF CARE | Adolescent service change and the edge of care: Thematic Report 2, REES Centre University of Oxford, July 2017


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DfE 17 Adolescent service change Thematic-Report-2017.pdf

Presents an overview of nine projects funded through the Children's Social Care Innovation Programme, looking at adolescents at the edge of care. Considers the needs of young people defined as edge of care and looks at different approaches used to interrupt the journey of these adolescents towards care including: short term residential provision; their families; and multi-professional teams. Makes recommendations suggesting ways that services reduce the number of adolescents entering care, and for improving the outcomes of those young people for whom care is the best option.

blind dating bg subs pdf EDGE OF CARE | Children on the edge of care, Children's Rights Director, 2011


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CRD 11 Children on the edge of care 2011.pdf

This document reports on the views of 332 children and young people who took part in consultation sessions about the Department of Education's 'Edge of Care' policy.  The aim of the policy is to ensure that those going in to care really need to, and that children can go back home from care if that is in their best interest.

pdf EDGE OF CARE | Edging away from care - how services successfully prevent young people entering care Report summary, OFSTED, October 2011


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OFS 11 Edging away from care Summary OCT 11.pdf

This report shows how services in 11 local authorities in England helped to change the lives of young people at risk of entering care for the better. It identifies the successful intervention services seen by inspectors during the survey and considers what young people, their families and the managers and professionals interviewed explained as the main factors that contributed to effective help.

How To Get Viagra Prescription in Elizabeth New Jersey pdf EDGE OF CARE | Evaluation of the Face to Face service: Using a solution-focused approach with children and young people in care or on the edge of care, NSPCC, June 2015


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NSPCC 15 face-to-face-final-evaluation-report JUN 15.pdf

The Face to Face service supports children and young people aged between 5 and 18. This evaluation found that overall, Face to Face is a promising approach to helping them make reliable improvements to their own emotional wellbeing. Before receiving the Face to Face service, 58% of children and young people had wellbeing scores indicating clinical levels of distress, but by the end of their sessions this had reduced to only 15% of children. In total almost 60% of all children and young people showed a reliable improvement in their levels of wellbeing at the end of the service.

follow url document EDGE OF CARE | Supporting adolescents on the edge of care: The role of short term stays in residential care ABSTRACT, Action for Children and NSPCC, May 2015

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A4C 15 Supporting adolescents ABSTRACT MAY 15.docx

This abstract provides details of an evidence scope focusing on the concept and use of 'edge of care', respite care in all forms and effective family support provision, alongside in depth practice examples.

pdf EDGE OF CARE | Working at the 'edges' of care? European models of support for young people and families Research Brief, DCSF, June 2009

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DCSF 09 Working at the edges of care Research Brief JUN 09.pdf

This is a summary of the main findings of a cross-national study at the Thomas Coram Research Unit. The study compared policy, practice and the professional skills of the workforce in four European countries (Denmark, France, Germany and England) when working with young people at or near the point of requiring accommodation outside their family.

enter pdf ENTERING CARE | Before care: A report of children's views on entering care, Ofsted, 2010

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CRD 10 Before care A report of children's views on entering care 2010.pdf

This report sets out what children and young people said about first coming into care.  It details what help they and their families had been given before they came into care, what it was like coming into care and whether they agreed that they should have come into care.

dating frauen rumänien document ENTERING CARE | Cooperation or coercion? Children coming into the care system under voluntary arrangements ABSTRACT, Family Rights Group, June 2017

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FRG 17 Cooperation or coercion ABSTRACT JUN 17.docx

This report details findings and recommendations of the Your Family, Your Voice Knowledge Inquiry. This Knowledge Inquiry throws a light on how Section 20 is currently being used and found that social care practitioners face pressure to use the voluntary care agreements to avoid the need to begin care proceedings.

follow link pdf FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT | Making your money work for you: A workbook for young people in care aged 11 onwards, Department for Education, 2012

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DfE 12 JISA Making Your Money Work For You Age 11 workbook.pdf

This resource was developed as part of the Government's launch of Junior ISAs for children in care.

follow url pdf FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT | Making your money work for you: A workbook for young people in care aged 15 onwards, Department for Education, 2012


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DfE 12 JISA Making Your Money Work For You Age 15 workbook.pdf

This resource was developed as part of the Government's launch of Junior ISAs for children in care.

pdf GUIDANCE | Sufficiency Statutory guidance on securing sufficient accommodation for looked after children, DCSF, 2010


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DCSF 10 Statutory guidance on securing sufficient accommodation for LAC 2010.pdf

This statutory document provides guidance on the implementation of section 22G of the Children Act 1989. This section requires local authorities in England to take steps that secure, so far as reasonably practicable, sufficient accommodation within the authority’s area which meets the needs of children that the local authority are looking after, and whose circumstances are such that it would be consistent with their welfare for them to be provided with accommodation that is in the local authority’s area (‘the sufficiency duty’).

document INQUIRY | No Good Options: Report of the Inquiry into Children's Social Care in England ABSTRACT, All Party Parliamentary Group for Children, March 2017


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APPG-C 17 No Good Options ABSTRACT MAR 17.docx

This abstract provides details of an inquiry about the current resourcing of children’s social services and changes in the nature and level of demand, to improve our understanding of the challenges facing under-performing children’s services, and how to address them.

pdf INQUIRY | The Entitlements Inquiry: 'One Year On' Report, All-Party Parliamentary Group for Looked After Children and Care Leavers, December 2014

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APPG-LAC 14 The Entitlements Inquiry DEC 14.pdf

Following the publication of the Entitlements Inquiry, the APPG held a follow up 'one year on' inquiry. It found that children in care and care leavers are still not getting the support that they are legally entitled to, although there has been some increase in knowledge about entitlements.

document LAC REVIEWS | Children's participation in LAC reviews: a study in one English local authority ABSTRACT, Pert, H. et al, 2014


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CFSW 14 Children's participation in LAC reviews ABSTRACT.docx

This abstract details a study which interviewed 25 children and 16 foster carers to explore how well children understand and take part in reviews, and what factors impede this.

document LAC REVIEWS | Children’s participation in reviews and planning meetings when they are ‘looked after’ in middle childhood ABSTRACT, N. Thomas, 1999


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CFSW 99 Children's participation in reviews ABSTRACT 1999.docx

This abstract details a paper based on a study of participation by children aged 8–12 in decisions when they are ‘looked after’ by local authorities. The research established that more children in this age group are attending reviews and planning meetings, but that the likelihood of their attendance varies with age and other factors.

pdf LAC REVIEWS | Decision making processes in review meetings for children in care, Dr Karen Winter, 2014


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RES-WIN Decision making processes in review meetings for children in care 2014.pdf

This abstract details a chapter in Childhood with Bourdieu written by Dr Karen Winter. Using Bourdieu's concepts, it reports the analysis of a single case study from a larger research project that concerned the participation rights of young children in care.

pdf LAC REVIEWS | It's about me: Young people's experience of participating in their care reviews, Fiona Daly, September 2014

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EPIC 14 Its_about_me_2014.pdf

Care reviews are an integral part of the care planning process which involve making decisions about aspects of young people’s welfare while in state care.The main aim of this EPIC research study is to explore young people’s experiences of participating in their care reviews, which includes preparation for the care review meeting, the actual meeting itself and feedback given to young people following the meeting.

pdf LIFE STORY | 100 Days of Care, Children's Rights Director for England, 2011


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CRD 11 100 days of care 2011.pdf

This report details diary entries of children and young people in care, in residential education or receiving social care in England. It describes things happening in their own lives in their own words e.g hobbies, school, friendships, and their thoughts about the world of work as well as hopes about their lives.