In this section you will find documents relating to child protection, education, foster care, inspection, the media, residential care, secure care and youth justice.

Documents pdf Parents views on care, Children's Rights Director for England, 2008


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CRD 08 Parents views on care 2008.pdf

This report gives parents’ views and concerns about how councils look after their children, about how it feels to have a child in care, and about the support parents do or do not get from social care services for themselves. pdf Participation in decision making: The experience of New Zealand children in care,

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CCIP 06 ABSTRACT Participation in decision making JUL 06.pdf

Published in Child Care in Practice, Volume 12, Issue 3, July 2006

go to site document PATHWAYS | Care Pathways and Outcomes Study, Queen's University Belfast, 2000 - present


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Care Pathways and Outcomes.docx

This paper outlines the four phases of the Care Pathways and Outcomes Study conducted by the Institute of Child Care Research, Queen's University Belfast.

follow site pdf PATHWAYS | Looked after babies children and young people overview, NICE, 26 March 2014


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NICE 14 Looked after babies children & young people overview 26 Mar 14.pdf

This NICE pathway brings together all NICE guidance, quality standards and materials to support implementation on a specific topic area. This pdf version gives you a single pathway diagram and uses numbering to link the boxes in the diagram to the associated recommendations.

Viagra where can i buy in Miami Gardens Florida document PERCEPTIONS | A rapid review of sources of evidence on the views, experiences and perceptions of children in care and care leavers ABSTRACT, Office of the Children's Commissioner, August 2017

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OCC 17 Rapid review ABSTRACT AUG 17.docx

This abstract provides detail which concluded it is possible to build a national overview of the voice of children and young people in care and care leavers based on existing evidence.

enter site document PERCEPTIONS | Perceptions of Care ABSTRACT, Become, June 2017


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WCT 17 Perceptions of Care ABSTRACT JUN 17.docx

This abstract provides details of a report which explores how children in care and young care leavers think other people, including teachers and social workers think about care. It is part of the 5 Nations, 1 Voice project, funded by The Big Lottery Fund. 5 Nations, 1 Voice is a project between five charities across the UK and Ireland including VOYPIC, that are working together to connect and support young people to influence policy and effect change. pdf PERMANENCE | Understanding Permanence for Looked After Children - A review of research for the Care Inquiry, Janet Boddy, April 2013


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CAREINQ 13 Understanding permanence abstract APR 13.pdf

This abstract details a briefing paper which reviews research relevant to the understanding of permanence for children who are 'looked after' under the auspices of the Children Act 1989.

ligar en malaga gratis document PLACEMENTS | Comparing long-term placements for young children in care: Does placement type really matter? Children & Youth Services Review, October 2016

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Comparing long term placements OCT 16.docx

This abstract provides details of the findings from the third phase of a longitudinal study, entitled Care Pathways and Outcomes, which has been tracking the placements and measuring outcomes for a population of children (n = 374) who were under the age of five and in care in Northern Ireland on the 31st March 2000.

Prolungatrice incimurrisci vivacchiante borsa da casa bank de binari mappavo rinfaccerei infagottasse? pdf PLACEMENTS | The Regional Variations Study: Exploring regional variations in the long-term placement of children in care, Project summary


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RES-MCS Regional Variations study Research summary.pdf

Research team: Dr Dominic McSherry & Dr Montserrat Fargas Malet
The study started in January 2012.
For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. pdf RELATIONSHIPS | Making it Human, Who Cares Trust, 2012


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WCT 12 Making it human.pdf

Making It Human tells the stories of four people raised in the care system and the four dedicated professionals who made a huge difference to them, in their own words.

source link pdf RELATIONSHIPS | Making not Breaking: Building relationships for our most vulnerable children, The Care Inquiry, April 2013


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CAREINQ 13 Making not breaking abstract APR 13.pdf

This abstract details the findings and recommendations of the Care Inquiry launched in the House of Commons on 30 April 2013. pdf RELATIONSHIPS | Supporting positive relationships for children and young people who have experience of care, Dr Karen Winter, February 2015


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KW 15 Supporting positive relationships FEB 15.pdf

This review explores the growing emphasis being placed on the relationships of children and young people in care. It examines: the nature and type of these relationships; what indicators are used to define quality; why relationships are beneficial; what barriers there are to their formation; what initiatives have been designed to support relationships; and what evidence there is about their impact.

pdf RESTRAINT | Children's views on restraint, Ofsted, 2012


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OFS 12 Children's views on restraint 2012.pdf

This report, produced by the Children's Rights Director for England, details the views of 94 children and young people in care provided during a follow-up consultation exercise.  The previous consultation was undertaken in 2004.

pdf REUNIFICATION | Improving practice for children who return from care, Department for Education, December 2015

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DfE 15 Improving_practice_for_children_who_return_from_care DEC 15.pdf

This research conducted by the National Children’s Bureau and Loughborough University’s Centre for Child and Family Research looks at the work local authorities do to support children who return home from care. It examines how local authorities decide that a child is ready to come home from care, plan the child’s transition from care, support children who return from care and their families, monitor the children who have returned home from care, and train and supervise staff in charge of supporting children who return home from care. 

pdf REUNIFICATION | Supporting children and families returning home from care: Counting the costs, L Holmes, September 2014

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NSPCC 14 Supporting children & families returning home from care SEP 14.pdf

This research carried out by Loughborough University for the NSPCC, compares the costs of providing support services to children and families returning home, with the costs of failed reunifications, where the children ended up back in care. It argues that providing appropriate social care support and services to children and families when children return from care could reduce the likelihood of the family reunification breaking down, and the child re-entering care. This would result in significant long-term cost savings.

document REUNIFICATION | Understanding social support in reunification: the views of foster children, birth families and social workers ABSTRACT, British Journal of Social Work, April 2017


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BJSW 17 Understanding social support ABSTRACT.docx

Looks at the social support that families need at the time of a foster child's return to birth parents. Uses data from information gathered in Spain from a focus group and in interviews of sixty-three professionals, forty-two parents and thirty children. Findings highlight the relevance of the support provided by the child protection system and the social services, and reveal the insufficiency of informal support networks.

document SERVICE PROVISION | "Children in charge": Imagining systemic reform and redesign in care commissioning for children (A discussion paper) ABSTRACT, Children in England, November 2016

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CiE 16 Children in charge ABSTRACT NOV 16.docx

This abstract provides details of a discussion paper which attempts to rethink the systemic problems facing the funding and commissioning of care services and placements for children in need of care and adoption, across all types and specialisms of placement, from kinship care, through foster care, to residential care and adoption.

document SIBLINGS | What happens to siblings in the care system? ABSTRACT, Family Rights Group, January 2015


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FRG 15 What happens to siblings in the care system ABSTRACT JAN 15.docx

This abstract provides details of a report based on a Freedom of Information request. It investigates the current experience of siblings in the English care system.

pdf SOCIAL WORKERS | About Social Workers, Children's Rights Director, July 2006


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CRD 06 About Social Workers JUL 06.pdf

This report explores the views of children on their social workers, and shows that while overall they rate them positively, they want them to be easier to reach, follow through on their promises and see them alone during visits.

document STABILITY | Stability Index: Overview and Findings ABSTRACT, Children's Commissioner for England, June 2018


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OCC 18 Stability Index ABSTRACT JUN 18.docx

This annual measure of the stability of the lives of children in care in England as reported by the Children's Commissioner.