go here opcje binarne darmowy depozyt pdf Care leavers transition to adulthood, House of Commons Committee of Public Accounts Fifth Report of Session 2015-16, published on 30 October 2015

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fincar without a perscription Too many of the most vulnerable young people in England are cut adrift when they need help the most, according to this report. It says there has been a systemic failing in support to young people leaving foster care or children's homes who are let down by the system that's supposed to support them. The Committee found outcomes for the 10,000 young people aged 16 or over who leave care each year are poor and worsening. Its report says the quality and cost of support to care leavers varies unacceptably between local authorities and Ofsted has rated two-thirds of council care leaver services inadequate or requiring improvement. The report welcomes the government’s intent to improve the lives of care leavers, signalled by the launch of the Care Leaver Strategy in 2013, and the fact that more good practice in supporting care leavers is now emerging but it advises that central and local government must both take more responsibility for improving outcomes and the quality of support. Its final recommendation is that he DfE should conduct an early review of Staying Put, with a particular focus on the financial and social impact of the policy for care leavers, foster parents and local authorities.

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